Friday, 8 February 2008

Soccer Registration

Well, Emalyn is now officially registered to play in the under 5 girls house soccer league this summer. I had no idea that the registration already took place in early January so I was just a little late but thankfully they were still taking online registrations. I have no idea when she begins, what complex she plays at or the schedule of the games but hey...the girl is signed up!!

I have not been inspired at all to do ANYTHING. I need to finish up my studio/rec room and I just can't find the motivation. I am wondering if the paint colour is too "blah". It is a light greyish, beigeish colour with a hint of green (it's called field stone and that is a very good description). I wonder if this is causing my lack of mojo. That is so NOT the effect I am going for in this space. But I guess I need to remember that there will be lots of colour up against the walls and there is an awful lot going on in this big room as well...lots of toys (the girls and mine), shelving and furniture. It might be best to keep it understated.

I am so good at debating with myself...and it usually get me nowhere fast!

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Good night!

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