Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well...we've been without phone service all week so that's means no internet. I can live without the phone - I actually detest the phone but not having the internet was much harder to cope with. But I am back and want to show you what Emma and I did for Valentine's Day.

We decided to bake some yummy sugar cookies and decorate them up all pretty with pink and red icing and of course generous amounts of sprinkles (Emma's favourite part!).

We put them in pretty little cello bags and then into tiny Valentine's gift bags. We blew up heart shaped balloons and filled them with sparkle confetti (in the shape of hearts of course!). We made little tags for them that said "Happy Valentine's Day! Love: Your Secret Admirers" and attached them with curly ribbon to our tiny bags.

Then we set out on our secret mission: to visit the homes of all of our loved ones leaving them each a package on their doorsteps. I was amazed that not one person "caught" us although most everyone figured out that it was us. Emalyn had so much fun and giggled with each drop we did. The snow yesterday made it a little more difficult than I had planned but it was a lot of fun. Emma's already got big plans for our next adventure!!

This was a day of many surprises...can you believe that Matt got me something this year??!! Quick...look out your window...are pigs flying?? He gave me a very nice card, some beautiful white roses, a box of chocolate kisses and even a card and cute cupcakes from the girls. For the girls he bought them each a card and cute little stuffed puppies each holding a heart in its mouth. I was stunned that he put this much thought into the holiday he thinks is "crap" - a complete Hallmark holiday. I can't say I disagree with that BUT I don't see why you can't do something special without spending a lot of money (or any at all). It doesn't have to be about flowers and expensive gifts at all...but for some reason this year Cupid must have hit him square in the butt! Maybe Emma and I should've sent Cupid a little thank you parcel! Oh...and I forgot to mention...he took us all out for lunch too!
Maybe I'd better figure out what he's trying to cover up!! ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful day!!

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