Thursday, 21 February 2008

Down & Blue

I feel so overwhelmed right now. This week has not been a good one. Matt and I are constantly nattering one another. The girls have been so irritible, especially Gracie. It seems that one of them is always whining or crying. I think Gracie is finally cutting some more teeth and yesterday Emalyn was sick to her stomach and what a mess that was!! I felt sick all last night so I didn't sleep well and today just seemed to overwhelm me. I am just down in the dumps and blue. My house looks like a bomb went off in it and no matter how much I clean it never looks any better. I have so much to do and I just want to go crawl into bed and cry. I wish I had the energy or the inclination to say that tomorrow is another day...right now I just don't even want to think about tomorrow.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Happy Family Day Canada!'s our first official Family Day here in Canada and I hardly spent anytime at all with mine. I spent the day down here in the rec room painting...oh joy! But I only have one wall left and it's the easiest of all of them and the shortest one at 30' long! AND I have actually convinced hubby to spend the money and buy some new furniture...we are going to IKEA next Sunday. YEAH!

Well since it IS family day I am on my way upstairs to spend some time with the girls before bed. Matt just got them out of the bath so they are fresh and cozy for cuddling!!

Good night!

Friday, 15 February 2008

I think I'm done for...

What do you think??

Does this spell A T T I T U D E ???

Oh man...I think this one's gonna be a doozy!! ;)

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Well...we've been without phone service all week so that's means no internet. I can live without the phone - I actually detest the phone but not having the internet was much harder to cope with. But I am back and want to show you what Emma and I did for Valentine's Day.

We decided to bake some yummy sugar cookies and decorate them up all pretty with pink and red icing and of course generous amounts of sprinkles (Emma's favourite part!).

We put them in pretty little cello bags and then into tiny Valentine's gift bags. We blew up heart shaped balloons and filled them with sparkle confetti (in the shape of hearts of course!). We made little tags for them that said "Happy Valentine's Day! Love: Your Secret Admirers" and attached them with curly ribbon to our tiny bags.

Then we set out on our secret mission: to visit the homes of all of our loved ones leaving them each a package on their doorsteps. I was amazed that not one person "caught" us although most everyone figured out that it was us. Emalyn had so much fun and giggled with each drop we did. The snow yesterday made it a little more difficult than I had planned but it was a lot of fun. Emma's already got big plans for our next adventure!!

This was a day of many surprises...can you believe that Matt got me something this year??!! Quick...look out your window...are pigs flying?? He gave me a very nice card, some beautiful white roses, a box of chocolate kisses and even a card and cute cupcakes from the girls. For the girls he bought them each a card and cute little stuffed puppies each holding a heart in its mouth. I was stunned that he put this much thought into the holiday he thinks is "crap" - a complete Hallmark holiday. I can't say I disagree with that BUT I don't see why you can't do something special without spending a lot of money (or any at all). It doesn't have to be about flowers and expensive gifts at all...but for some reason this year Cupid must have hit him square in the butt! Maybe Emma and I should've sent Cupid a little thank you parcel! Oh...and I forgot to mention...he took us all out for lunch too!
Maybe I'd better figure out what he's trying to cover up!! ;)

I hope you all had a wonderful day!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Soccer Registration

Well, Emalyn is now officially registered to play in the under 5 girls house soccer league this summer. I had no idea that the registration already took place in early January so I was just a little late but thankfully they were still taking online registrations. I have no idea when she begins, what complex she plays at or the schedule of the games but hey...the girl is signed up!!

I have not been inspired at all to do ANYTHING. I need to finish up my studio/rec room and I just can't find the motivation. I am wondering if the paint colour is too "blah". It is a light greyish, beigeish colour with a hint of green (it's called field stone and that is a very good description). I wonder if this is causing my lack of mojo. That is so NOT the effect I am going for in this space. But I guess I need to remember that there will be lots of colour up against the walls and there is an awful lot going on in this big room as well...lots of toys (the girls and mine), shelving and furniture. It might be best to keep it understated.

I am so good at debating with myself...and it usually get me nowhere fast!

Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Good night!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Needed a change...

So here it is...the new blog. I wasn't keeping up the other one very well...simply because I wasn't crazy about it. It was cluttered and not user friendly. This is more my style.

I have been working on my scrap studio/rec room for what seems like forever but hopefully I will be able to share pictures with you soon. I am in the painting stage right now and it's going slow because it such a large room and because I am doing this alone. Matt isn't going to be helping me with this project so I have to do this after the girls go to bed and take it one wall at a time...and that's not the easiest thing to do because I would rather wind down and get ready for bed...not paint! Anyway...with the weekend approaching maybe I'll be able to get some serious painting done.

Should I go do some cutting in before bed? Nah!

Good night!