Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Address book...

I bought this K&Co. address book kit and finally got around to doing it the other day. I decided I should share this with you because it is such a cute, fun kit to do. It is simple, inexpensive and took no time at all to complete. It comes with everything you need.

This is the front cover. You choose your own monogram letter for the frame to personalize it and I love the little felt flower embellishment.
***Note the colours are not this intense in real life...they are quite vintage. The green is definitely NOT that bright! I appologize for the poor photos.

Inside there are tabbed dividers for Family, Friends, Business & Emergency.

The dividers each are each different in design and have fun embellishments. This is the quote on the Family one...

And this is the Friends one...

So if you find this kit I highly recommend it. It's way cute and fun to do!

***I happened to find this at Zellers here in Canada. They also had the K&Co. file folder kit which is next on my list!! ;)

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