Saturday, 16 August 2008

Miss you when you're gone...

My husband is gone for the weekend with some buddies to see the NTPA pull this weekend in Bowling Green Ohio. It's so weird when he's gone because he doesn't go away often...we are rarely not together. But I am so glad he is relaxing, having fun with his buddies and finally doing something for himself. Meanwhile, Emalyn, Gracie and myself plan on doing some girly things to keep us entertained all weekend...but we will be missing him terribly.

The above layout is from an CTMH kit they offered last year. This is our engagement picture...taken 10 years ago! *gasp* I love this picture of us...a rare gem for sure! I think Matt looks so handsome in this picture. *sigh*

Love you honey...can't wait until we see you on Monday!

Emma's throwing you kisses!

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