Monday, 11 August 2008

We're back from the beautiful north!

We had a fantastic time on vacation. It was absolutely beautiful the first few days with cool nights. An added bonus...we hardly seen a bug! Woohoo! Now that's MY kind of vacation!

The first day we headed to Bracebridge to take the girls to Santa's Village. They both had a blast! We stayed the night in Huntsville at a hotel. This is where we realized that we had left the key to our overhead truck carrier with my Mom by accident. The girls spent the first night sleeping in their birthday suits and wearing the same clothes the next day! Their luggage and all of the linens we needed when we arrived at the cottage were up there. This in itself wasn't a big problem, but finding someone who could open it up for us was.

It took most of our second day to get this problem resolved but then we were on our way to Barry's Bay. It is so beautiful there. Lake Carson is gorgeous and is one of our favourite places ever! We missed not having a boat there but we found lots of other things to do! We played on the beach, swam, paddle boated, fished, fed chipmunks, relaxed on the deck and I of course took lots of pictures! On Thursday it started to storm so we moved the fun indoors with games of Crokinole, checkers and puzzles. We played board games each night after the girls went to bed. We headed home late Friday to make it home in time for Emma's soccer tournament on Saturday. It was a fun game and they all did great! They received metals, ate hotdogs, had their faces painted and got some balloon animals.
All in all it was a great week!
Now it's back to reality. Here are a few more pictures...

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