Monday, 14 July 2008

Great website to bookmark...

I used to visit the site Kevin and Amanda all the time for great scrapbooking inspiration and to drool over her scraproom! Now Amanda has really focused on posting new recipes and has an amazing recipe section. She shows you the scrapbook layout she makes for each recipe too...very cool! Someday I would love to be this organized! I have only tried one recipe so far...the Alfredo Tortellini and it was really good...although it was VERY rich. I served it as a main dish but next time I think I would serve it as a side just because it was so rich but it was still awesome. The next on my list to try is Amanda's super easy recipe for Calzones. The recipe for Chicken Packets also looks great and so does... get the idea! Go check it out for some great inspiration!!

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