Tuesday, 24 June 2008


I have been wanting to get a WII for so long now...or at least it feels that way! It's starting to get to me!! The first game I want is Dance Dance Revolution (DDR). I had a girls weekend back in April and I got hooked! My plan is to buy myself a WII in late August and then in October I can ask for DDR for my birthday! WII fit is also on my want list but I think I'll go with DDR first. I have it all planned out! (am I pathetic or what!!) ;)

The following video goes out to Taffy and April...my enablers! It's all because of you girls!!


taffytodd said...

just wait until you play guitar hero, now there's my new addiction!!

canadian_homebody said...

Love the video Lisa...I kick ass on that song!!!

FYI...they're coming out with DDR Hottest party 2 in the fall!! Rock Band just came out and you'll need MarioKart to play online with me and of course wiifit...ohhh the list is endless!!